Das internationale Jugendturnier findet über Ostern vom 19.04. – 22.04.2019 erneut in München statt.


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Internationale Turnierregeln:

SpVgg Feldmoching, in cooperation with 2erre Organizzazioni, Sportland Travel & SOCCATOURS, organizes the 5thBayern Soccer Cup. This International Youth Tournament will take place on April 20th and April 21st, 2019 in the following sports centers:

SpVgg Feldmoching, SV Lohhof, TSV Riedmoos, TSV Moosach, SC Bajuwaren.

The Tournament is reserved to players, who are regularly enrolled in their club and national Federations of the current season, for the following categories:
UNDER 16/17: players born from 01/01/2002 11×11
UNDER 15: players born from 01/01/2004 11×11
UNDER 14: players born from 01/01/2005 11×11
UNDER 13: players born from 01/01/2006 9×9
UNDER 12: players born from 01/01/2007 9×9
UNDER 11: players born from 01/01/2008 7×7
UNDER 10: players born from 01/01/2009 7×7
UNDER 9: players born from 01/01/2010 7×7
It remains valid, according to the regulations of the German Federation, that any player can participate in the tournament in the immediately superior category.
NOTE: in the categories UNDER 17-15-13 it’s possible to line up 2 players 1 year older than those of the category they are playing with.

Loans are allowed only in these categories: Under 17-15. Up to 3 loans will be allowed in each team, with the authorization of the belonging Society, that can’t be one of the Societies participating in the Tournament.

The participating Teams must provide the tournament organization the list of players, including any loans they will use during the tournament. No changes are permitted after the organization has received the list. Each organization or team will have to present a player list for each match. For the first match of the tournament, the call will be made with the players’ licenses. For the following matches, the call will be done up to the Organizing Committee discretion.
UNDER 17: a maximum of 25 players, but only 18 will be on the match player list
UNDER 15: a maximum of 20 players, but only 18 will be on the match player list
UNDER 9- 11: a maximum of 18 players, but only 14 will be on the match player list

In the categories UNDER 17-15, up to 7 substitutions are permitted at any time throughout the game, regardless of role. All other categories: substitutions are permitted at any time of the game, regardless of role (flying changes = without stopping the game).

Teams will take part in the tournament as scheduled (divided by category and with the indication of the name of the club and the original country)

See Official Calendar gave to each team manager before the Tournament start.

The rankings will be drawn up based on the following criteria:
– 3 points for a win;
– 1 point for a draw;
– 0 points for a defeat.
In the case of a tie between TWO OR MORE TEAMS, the final ranking is determined by the:
1) Results in direct matches;
2) Goal difference of all the matches played in the round;
3) Highest number of goals scored in all the matches played in the round;
4) Draw.
In order to decide THE BEST SECOND PLACE between more groups composed of a different number of teams, we will follow those criteria:
1) Highest number of points in the group stage divided per games played
2) Goal difference per games played
3) Highest number of goals scored per games played
4) Draw.
In order to decide THE BEST SECOND PLACE between more groups composed of the same number of teams, we will follow those criteria:
1) Points scored in overall games in the round;
2) Goal difference;
3) Highest number of goals scored;
4) Draw.
The top two teams will advance to the Semi-finals where teams from the same round could not play against each other.

As the tournament is short, (with consecutive games) the match times are as follows:
Under 17, 2 x 25 minutes times, 11vs11 using balls N° 5
Under 15, 2 x 20 minutes times, 11vs11 using balls N° 5
Under 13, 2 x 20 minutes times, 9vs9 using balls N°4
Under 11-9, 2 x 15 minutes times, 7vs7 using balls N°4
All teams are expected to follow the proposed tournament schedule. The maximum wait time is 15 minutes. Once the time has exceeded 15 minutes, the Organizing Committee has the right to declare a forfeit (3-0). An exception or extension may be made on the discretion of the Organizing Committee for reasons of force majeure. If a team renounces the participation of two qualifying group matches, all the results of the previous competitions of the same team played during the qualification round will be canceled and the score will be assigned 0-3.

✔ART.10: PENALTIES (finals, semifinals or direct elimination matches)
In case of a tie at the end of the direct elimination matches, semifinal and final rounds, penalty shoot-outs will determine the winning team, according to the Regulations of the game.

In case of a tie at the end of regular time, two extra time of 7 minutes will be given only on finals for the categories: UNDER 17-15). If no winner is determined after the allotted extra time, the game will proceed into a penalty shoot-out, as determined in article 10.

The matches will be directed by the Federal German Federation Referees and Referees of the Organizing Committee.

The discipline of the tournament is assigned to the Judge or different Responsible Delegation. The Judge also holds the decision in cases of suspension that exceed the duration of the tournament.

✔ART.14: AUTOMATIC SANCTIONS (for the tournaments with consecutive games)
 UNDER 17-15: any player sent off the field during a match will not be allowed to participate in the next match. The player who receives a second caution won’t play in a match based on the decision of the sports court.
 UNDER 13-11-9: in these categories the automatic sanctions is not planned.

All claims must be made within 30 minutes from the end of the match together with a fee of € 50.00. A copy of the complaint must be delivered to the counterpart (offender) within 30 minutes.

Every Association must provide their players with insurance.

✔ART 17. I.F.A.B.
Matches will follow the current International Football Associations Board (IFAB) rules.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for damage, loss or theft to the people and property of any participant in the tournament, with the exception of the referees involved.