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SOCCACUP Rovinj Camping Polari ****

Rovinj, Istria

219.00 €

Pfingsten │06.06.-09.06. 2025 │Vollpension


Characteristics of SOCCACUP international youth football tournaments:

The SOCCACUP tournaments are offered as a complete package consisting of tournament participation, accommodation, catering and all-round support. You choose the hotel that suits you best and spend an unforgettable football tournament with your team.

Your parents and siblings are of course welcome to come along and cheer you on! We will make sure that you are all accommodated together. You will also have plenty of time for activities outside the football tournament. 

Both boys' teams and girls' teams can register for one of our multi-day youth football tournaments.

We live and breathe international youth football at our tournaments. We offer you the perfect mix of sport, competition, leisure time, shared activities and experiences. This not only promotes team spirit, but also international friendships.



Elements for a successful football tournament

<p><strong><a href='../information/registration/'>All information on the registration</a></strong></p> <p>The SOCCACUP tournaments are aimed for <strong>official club teams</strong>, but also <strong>academy teams</strong> which are not affiliated with any association. The following age groups can participate at the tournament: <strong>U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U17, U19</strong>. Girls' teams are also welcome to take part in our tournaments in a lower junior age group. Coaches, parents, relatives and fans are of course welcome as accompanying persons.</p> <p>Of course <strong>more teams from one club</strong> <strong>can participate</strong>. If we still have free spots, we would be very happy if you would make our SOCCACUP a end-of-season trip for the whole club. Of course, you can contact your fellow coaches and pass on our tournament documents accordingly.</p> <p>There is <strong>no fixed registration deadline</strong>, but we recommend that you start planning as early as possible, as many tournaments are booked up early. We will gladly <strong>reserve a starting place for you for a two-week period </strong>in order to clarify the readiness of the players and parents.</p> <p>We try to make the <strong>registration process </strong>as simple as possible. In order to confirm participation in the tournament, we need the signed individual offer back. A mail with a scanned version as an attachment to or a mobile phone picture of the signed entry form via WhatsApp to +43 660 600 17 43 is sufficient.</p>

<p>If enough accompanying persons come to the tournament or if club buses are available for the tournament period, we recommend that you organise your own <strong>arrival and departure and the tournament transfer</strong> on site.</p> <p>Optionally, we can make you an offer for a flight or bus. Important: A <strong>private coach</strong> is only worthwhile from a financial point of view if there are <strong>40 or more people</strong>. Otherwise, the high fixed costs for fuel and driver are out of proportion to the inexpensive tournament package. However, if the travel group is large enough or if several teams in the club have joined together, travelling by coach can be a cost-effective alternative to travelling privately.</p>

<p>Of course, we also offer a <a href='../information/travel-insurance/'><strong>travel cancellation insurance and a full protection insurance package</strong></a> as part of our tournaments. You can optionally book these insurances at any of our tournaments. We have concluded a framework agreement with our cooperation partner Allianz and can offer the insurance packages at favourable conditions. The rates are valid for a minimum of 10 participants: ELVIA Travel Cancellation Basic Protection: 3.7% of the average travel price per person. ELVIA full protection package: 5.0% of the average travel price per person.</p> <p>To be protected if a player gets <strong>injured on site</strong>, you have the possibility to have your participation in the tournament approved in advance by your responsible sports association by filling out the appropriate form. In this case, <strong>insurance cover is provided by the national association </strong>in the same way as for training and matches in Germany. All teams participating in our tournaments will receive the appropriate form or a detailed description of how to obtain the form.</p>

<p><strong>Parents or siblings are welcome</strong> to come to the tournament with you - the tournament is even more fun with the right fan club. Of course, we will also put you all up in the same accommodation you want to experience the tournament together. In general, we make <strong>no distinction in the travel price</strong>. However, infants up to 2 years of age are free of charge in the parents' bed (or in the baby cot brought along), and there is often a 30% discount for siblings under 6 years of age.</p> <p>We would like to reward the commitment of the coach to organise the trip so that there is <strong>one free place per team for the coach/organiser</strong>. In addition, there is a further free place for teams of 25 or more. In addition, our tournament winners will receive a voucher worth €250, which we will be happy to credit towards their next tournament participation.</p> <p>The <strong>accommodation is already fixed in advance</strong>. This is our big advantage compared to other tournament organisers: While you often only book one accommodation category - without knowing the name of the accommodation - we already send you the exact name of the accommodation in the first offer. This way, you can decide together with your parents whether this accommodation meets your expectations or whether you would like us to suggest an alternative.</p> <p>Our tournament package always consists of <strong>overnight accommodation with half or full board</strong>. Breakfast and dinner are therefore always included in the price, with full board also including lunch. If the package only includes half board, you can get a snack at the tournament site at fair prices.</p> <p>After booking, each team receives a checklist in which <strong>allergies, food intolerances or other wishes </strong>can be noted. We will then inform our hotel partners accordingly.</p>

<p><strong>Personal support</strong> is very important to us. Of course, we cannot organise our tournaments without the local organising clubs, but we keep the complete tournament organisation in our area of responsibility. Therefore,<strong> the person who was in charge of your telephone call or who received the offer will also be on site</strong> as the main organiser. Our staff will be waiting for you on arrival and will assist you with check-in if necessary. The personal support will continue throughout the entire tournament so that you will be supported in the best possible way in all matters on site.</p> <p>Regardless of the result in the preliminary round, <strong>each team is guaranteed five games</strong>. The playing time for matches in the age groups U09 to U11 is 2 x 15 minutes, for matches in the age groups U11 to U15 2×20 minutes and in the age groups U16 to U19 2 x 25 minutes. In this way, each team receives sufficient playing time.</p> <p>Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our participating teams. Therefore, there will be<strong> a doctor or paramedic at each venue to provide first aid</strong> in case a player is injured during the tournament. In addition, the venues are usually close to a hospital, so that in an emergency you can be quickly transported by ambulance to the nearest emergency room.</p> <p>Our tournaments take place in the most beautiful holiday regions in Europe, so you can be sure that there will also be <strong>plenty to do away from the game</strong>. In our official tournament brochure, all excursion options and leisure tips for players and accompanying persons are clearly summarised, so you can get the most out of your team trip. In addition, we want to score points not only with an <strong>opening and closing ceremony</strong>, but also with numerous smaller <strong>side events</strong> that you can take advantage of during the match-free time (e.g. bubble football, shooting speed facility, TeqBall, football billiards, and much more).</p>

<p>As we are not only tournament organisers but also club functionaries ourselves, we are of course aware that there are always <strong>changes </strong>in a project of this kind. Therefore, registrations and cancellations can be made at any time <strong>up to four weeks before the start of the tournament</strong>. Until then, <strong>no cancellation fees</strong> will be charged if individuals are unable to make the trip as planned.</p> <p>After registration for the tournament, we will send you a <strong>booking confirmation with all payment modalities</strong>. Within one week, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is due. The balance of 70% is due four weeks before the start of the tournament, until then the booking confirmation can be adjusted at any time (amount is reduced if the number of participants has decreased; amount is increased if additional people have joined). We are athletes ourselves, so we know very well how decision-making processes work in a club. If deadlines cannot be met, please simply contact us.</p> <p>As our international children's and youth tournaments are held in the most beautiful holiday regions in Europe, the <strong>tournament period can, of course, be extended individually</strong> with additional nights before or after the event. If you are interested, we will be happy to send you an individual offer. The offer can also be taken up by individual persons/families so it is not necessary for the whole group to extend their stay.</p>


Do you have a specific question about your SOCCACUP tournament? 

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From enquiry to arrival - we have explained in just a few steps how you and your team can register for the SOCCACUP. Here is all the information you need to register.

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